WMU firar 40 år med hållbarhetskonferens

Denna gång äras portföljbloggen av att WMU:s tillträdande president, professor Max Mejia, satt sig vid tangentbordet.

WMU med dess forskare är en viktig organisation för Sjöfartsportföljen. Dels för de enskilda projekt man varit och är engagerade inom men också för den internationella trovärdighet och kontaktnät man besitter som organisation och som forskare. Det ger stora möjligheter till att sätta forskningen i en internationell kontext och nå ut på ett unikt sätt.

Max Mejia har en gedigen bakgrund dels inom den praktiska delen av sjöfarten från sina dryga tio år inom Philippine Coast Guard för att sedan ha kompletterat och utvecklat detta via studier på WMU och Lunds Universitet och sedan varit professor vid WMU sedan ungefär 25 år. Ta del av Max blogg som lyfter vad som händer på WMU just nu!

Rikard Engström,
ordförande sjöfartsportföljen

Maximo Q. Mejia Jr, tillträdande WMU-president.

International Conference to celebrate 40 years of WMU

The World Maritime University (WMU) is celebrating 40 years of high quality education and research in maritime and oceans affairs this year. WMU was established in Malmö in July 1983 by the United Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO). Since then, almost 6.000 students have graduated from 171 different countries. WMU remains the only UN institution that is headquartered in Sweden.

WMU’s mission is to be the world centre of excellence in postgraduate maritime and ocean education and research. Its students are mid-level to senior officials from around the world. They come to Malmö to gain an advanced understanding of maritime affairs and specialise in one of seven areas — maritime education, maritime energy, maritime law and policy, maritime safety, port management, shipping management, and ocean sustainability.

As an entity within the UN system, WMU is seriously committed to the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) relevant to the oceans, education, gender equality, peace and justice, decent work and economic growth, energy efficiency, sustainable industrialization and innovation, climate change, and partnerships.

To mark the University’s 40th anniversary, WMU is hosting an International Conference on Maritime and Ocean Sustainability. The Conference will tap on the expertise of internationally renowned maritime stakeholders and of the University’s impressive roster of alumni. Leading this roster is incumbent IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim, who graduated from WMU in 1991.

WMU has grown to be a respected intellectual powerhouse of education, innovation, and inter-disciplinary research. The aim of the Conference is to build on these foundations to chart the course of sustainable development within the maritime and oceans sectors in the decade to come, with lessons that can be applied to build sustainable capacity across the world.

WMU leads Ocean Campus in Nor-Shipping

This year’s Nor-Shipping event in Oslo (6–9 June 2023) included a new initiative. Nor-Shipping launched “Ocean Campus” to put the spotlight on the importance of partnership among maritime universities and schools from around the world. The World Maritime University (WMU) was designated to organise the week-long event and coordinated the participation of other universities and schools. The aim was to demonstrate and share how different institutions are working on educating the next generation of maritime leaders and executives. This is a significant step to help identify what kinds of skills and competencies could be required by the maritime industry as it undergoes transition toward decarbonisation. Ocean Campus allowed students to check out different choices in maritime education. It also allowed those who are already working maritime professionals learn more about how they can top up their skills.

The week culminated in Ocean Campus Day on Friday the 9th of June, and was made up of a range of interesting presentations and panel discussions. In spite of the general worry about the state of our ocean planet, the thought-provoking exchange of ideas presented the audience with some inspiration and hope. It was agreed that the phenomenal scale and pace of global developments and disruptions must be matched by an equally phenomenal acceleration of collaboration, partnership, and united efforts. The presenters and panelists discussed ways to best put together collective knowledge and wisdom to improve global collaboration and partnership to ensure a meaningful contribution to the green transition in the maritime industry. We need to turn the challenges we are facing into opportunities for achieving a more sustainable and prosperous maritime industry.

Maximo Q. Mejia Jr.
Nippon Foundation Professor of Maritime Policy, Governance, and Administration


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